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Students for the Resignation of Lou Anna K. Simon

Former MSU physician, Larry Nassar, began working at the university in 1997. However, before that his sexual abuse toward women began in 1994 with his first known victim. Since then, more than 140 women have come forward about his sexual abuse. These women are our heroes and the main point of this protest is to honor their bravery and show that MSU students fully stand behind all survivors. Over 14, yes you read that right, 14!!!!!!!!!! MSU officials were made aware of his abuse during his time here at MSU. Within this time, reports reached Simon at least twice. Simon turned her back on these students, betraying their trust and igniting their pain. It is our turn to turn our backs on Simon. We must demand her resignation as it is clear her intentions are not beneficial for the students at the university. I do not feel safe with her as president, and neither should you. Come out to the rock Friday at 6pm, wearing Teal (the color for sexual assault awareness), bring your picket signs, or anything else to draw attention to this issue. If the university will not take matters into their own hands, we will. Please share this event with others. If anyone has any suggestions or anything they would like to add please contact admin! 


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